2016 – A Year of Theatre (Day 23!)

2016 – A Year of Theatre (Day 23!)

In my first ever video I made, I said that I wanted to make 2016 a year full of theatre. This, in my opinion, has been quite successful! So as we are nearing the end of the year, it is the perfect time to write a post summing up the year!



So this was a month where I didn’t watch anything – unless I’ve forgotten about it, It’s been a long year. It was the time of getting back into the rehearsals for Legally Blonde after Christmas and the buzz of the show was getting more exciting as we were nearing show time.


My birthday month!

The Threemilestone Panto was the first week of February and even though I wasn’t in it, I was around for some of the performances to support my friends in the show. This was also the same week as the night out for Legally Blonde, where we got to socialise out of the rehearsal rooms.

More rehearsing for Legally Blonde including the first full run in front of the tech crew and CAKE! It was not only my birthday the weekend of this important rehearsal, it was also my fellow cast mate Gareth’s birthday so I ate quite a bit of cake that day. And I also felt a lot of love from my friends involved with the show!


Show time for Legally Blonde!

I loved this show! Such a fun show and I made some lovely memories during the week. I can’t put into words how much hard work was put into the get in day and the tech day, especially by the sound team! Let’s just say, I made lots of tea and coffee over that weekend (even though I hate making coffee, even though I’m a waitress…)


The shows were over, and I spent my time after the show in the orchestra pit sorting through cables and assisting the sound team. (I think I found my favourite part of backstage during the Regal run of South Pacific and Brassed Off.)


Started with resting from a car accident..read tomorrow’s blog post if you’re interested..

A day later, it was party time to celebrate the end of Legally Blonde! And after waaay too many flavoured vodka shots – thanks Gareth and Georgie – I threw up in Ali Russell’s extremely new car – I AM SO SORRY ALI I AM A DISGRACEFUL HUMAN BEING. The next day, we went straight into our first rehearsal for South Pacific at the Minack (most of us slightly hungover..)

The show that I watched during this month was Helston Theatre Company’s production of Our House. This was a great show and I also wrote a lovely little review about it if you’d like to know more 😉

Then there was more rehearsing for South Pacific as it drew nearer.


South Pacific at the Minack! I had been looking forward to this week so much and it delivered. It was an eventful week and I had a really great time especially with some of my best friends being around for a whole week! We had great shows, amazing audiences and some good laughs in the pub!



South Pacific cont.

I have never experienced a week at the Minack where it didn’t rain and seeing as I forgot my coat, I am so glad the rain held off! Aaand, I DIDN’T GET BURN! (I am gh0stly pale, so to not get burnt was a massive achievement!)

This was also the month that I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!! So exciting and I loved it so much! It was the first West End show that I saw so it means a lot to me. I also got to see my idol, Carrie Hope Fletcher, play Truly Scrumptious so that was the icing on the already delicious cake!



The RAOSTY’s Show!

Another chance for me to work on sound with mini Watters. Seriously, he did such a great job running the sound seeing as he’s still in secondary school! The kids were great and I had so much support backstage during manic quick mic changes. Looking forward to working with this group in the new year.

The Playrite Show!

I have been to every summer Playrite show since I left and they never disappoint to provide a show full of great entertainment. The talent of this group is phenomenal and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved. I of course assisted with the get out and also won a raffle prize! It was a great evening!



My friend Georgie and I went on a quick trip to London to treat ourselves! We shopped, ate good food and watched a couple of great shows! The Mousetrap was amazing and I love the element of having a secret that only the audience members, cast and crew know.


We also saw Matilda. The second time that I had seen the show, but the first time was on Broadway so it was a different experience. I loved the show again and was very excited to see Georgie’s reaction to the show.


Jesus Christ Superstar #1

A group of us went to support Kidz R US by watching their production of JCS. I love the score and the music was just brilliant! I really enjoyed the afternoon and evening that day.



Jesus Christ Superstar #2

So yeah, I went to see the show again.. but this time it was at the Regal in Redruth so there were some different elements. It was a last-minute decision to go, but I had time, so decided to support again.

Anything Goes in Newquay!

This was one of my favourite evenings that I’ve had this year. I went to watch the show with my friend Laurena to support this group! We had our little roadtrip with two members of the band Aaron and Scott, got some dinner and we were ready for the show! DISCLOSURE: This was the evening that I ate soooooo many sweets and had a sugar crash when I got home. Woops.

This was also the month where I began to be more involved with the RAOSTY’s.


The failed Brassed Off reunion. Well, it was kind of a fail. None of the band showed up, but the main cast did and it was a great night! A good evening to celebrate a great show! I have such fond memories from Brassed Off and it’s a show that I’ll love to look back on.


Scrooge The Musical!

This is another show that I have fond memories of. It’s one of the best shows that I’ve done with RAOST so was lovely to watch the Central Methodist Church Helston Drama Group put on this show.

It was also great to see how much fun everyone was having including the band. It was an afternoon well spent in my opinion!



The Playrite Christmas show!

If you need to feel festive, find somewhere where a Christmas concert/show is happening because it will make you feel so much better! I had such a lovely evening and again, assisted with the get out and won the raffle!


Overall, I think it has been a great year theatre-wise so I’m pretty chuffed now that I’ve looked back! Bring on another year of theatre!




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