Boxing Day Plans! (Day 21!)

Boxing Day Plans! (Day 21!)

As Christmas is drawing nearer, I have been thinking about my ideal Boxing Day! I have come up with a list of things I would like to do, so I thought why not share it with you, my readers!


Watch as many festive films as possible! 

I have quite the collection of DVD’s as well as the films that are available on NowTV and Netflix. This is why I am planning on spreading out a few festive films to each day, starting Christmas Eve and ending Boxing Day. I am quite excited…


This is the day for eating leftovers and little snacks. I know how much I will be indulging this coming Boxing Day!

Go for a walk.

This is a weather permitting one. If the rain holds off, I would love to take my handsome doggie Sam for a lovely long walk to burn off those calories that have been piled on during the previous few days.


This is a very important one. I make such a mess of my bedroom at this time of year. I get to the point where I don’t want to sort my presents out at the end of Christmas Day, so they normally sit in the sack until the next day. I also have to rearrange to allow room for new things as my room is tiny!

End the day with a lovely warm bath!

Then I’ll slip on my new pj’s (I get a pair every year and have done since I was a child) and then sit in bed with a cuppa watching Nativity. I love that film so seems appropriate to watch it before I go to bed on Boxing Day!


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