The Christmasaurus! (Day 19!)

The Christmasaurus! (Day 19!)

If you’re trying to think of someone who loves Christmas an insane amount, Tom Fletcher should be the first person to come to mind. This is why it was perfect for him to write a Christmas-themed book with a twist!


I have just finished reading the book and it was so sweet! I loved everything about it and I would have loved to receive it as a present as a child or even now as an adult! This book was written by Tom Fletcher who is most well-known for the band McFly. The beautiful illustrations are by Shane Devries.

FullSizeRender (33).jpg

My Key Highlights/Thoughts:

  • Rise above it. Those people who bully you or upset you aren’t worth your tears. And most importantly, by rising above the bully, you may learn exactly why they behave in the way that they do.
  • I love the Christmasaurus. He doesn’t speak (sorry for the spoiler) but he cleverly communicates with those he comes across. The description that is used is charming as it explains the characteristics of the dinosaur – you can tell that Tom loves dinosaurs as much as William.
  • It doesn’t overplay William’s disability. Through the research that Tom has done with Whizz-Kidz, the disability is displayed in a way that is real and educates the reader into some of the thoughts that someone like William may have. The disability element was woven in very well.
  • What you want isn’t necessarily what you desire. You may wish for lots of things and feel that you need them, but as cheesy as it sounds, it isn’t until you look into your heart that you realise what you truly desire.
  • Twists and turns. After hearing some detail about the book prior to reading it, I was still left in shock after some of the twists that are involved within the story. There are moments that I definitely wasn’t expecting. (I love a good twist!)
  • Illustrations. They are all wonderful and I love the style that Devries uses throughout. I also love the little snowflake that surrounds the page number on every page.

Overall, this story is a heart-warming tale with twists and turns and it is wonderful!

This book has such a broad audience and I 100% think that adults should read this! Tom said in several of his YouTube videos that this book has no intended readership age and I know lots of people who have been buying it for children – not a bad thing. Why stop there? Like I said before, this is something I would love to receive as an adult!

This isn’t where the book stops. This time next year, Tom will be getting ready (and nervous) for The Christmasaurus Live which is playing at the Apollo in London from the 20th – 28th of December (obviously there are no shows on the 25th or 26th). The sneak peek of the show on the Royal Variety was brilliant! – gosh isn’t Tom a clever cookie.


The book on Amazon:

To get tickets for The Christmasaurus Live:

Learn about Whizz-Kidz:


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