Tips for surviving late night shopping (Day 17!)

Tips for surviving late night shopping (Day 17!)

I went into Truro for late night shopping on the 14th of December and experienced crazily busy crowds. So seeing as it’s the last one before Christmas this Wednesday, I thought I would prepare anyone who is doing their last bits of shopping before Christmas with some tips!


  1. The earlier the better – this applies mainly to getting into Truro. Don’t leave it too late for getting into town because as soon as rush hour hits, traffic is horrendous.
  2. Use the Park and Ride – I know people will have heavy shopping but the Park and Ride is perfect for evenings like this. It assists with traffic and there is limited parking in Truro so rather than driving round trying to find a parking space, the Park and Ride or any bus is a useful transport link.
  3. Accept that it’s going to be busy – because I’m short, I get so lost in crowds… take your time, be willing to stand in a queue and if you think a queue is too long in a certain shop then it is worth going back at a later point in the evening.
  4. Don’t be rude – There is no point in pushing and shoving. And there is also no point in being rude to the shop assistants who are working at the busiest time of year. Like I said, it is going to be busy so patience is a key element when looking for those final gifts that you’ve left for the last-minute.
  5. Experience the markets – they are so friendly on the markets and are there to serve and provide food and gift options (if I wasn’t going home to a full on roast turkey dinner, I would have definitely eaten some of the delights that were on offer however, I did pick up some candy floss for my desert..)

FullSizeRender (26).jpg

These are just a few points that would help with battling the late night shopping crowds. To sum up, be patient, be early and accept that it will be busy.

I can’t believe the big day is just over a week away! School’s out and we are at the final countdown!


3 thoughts on “Tips for surviving late night shopping (Day 17!)

    1. I am horrendous with crowds but go at the right time and you’re fine! I went in at 4ish and it was busy but manageable. The Victorian market was horrid! So busy and I wasn’t able to look at things properly because of how busy it was so that’s an area to avoid if you hate crowds!

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