Early Christmas Dinner – Happy Birthday Dad! (Day 15!)

Early Christmas Dinner – Happy Birthday Dad! (Day 15!)

Yesterday was my Dad’s 50th birthday! To celebrate when he got home from work, we had an early Christmas dinner and it was tasty.


For many of the British, this time of year is made better by the food that we get to devour. As I mentioned in the Christmas Tag, my favourite Christmas food is the mixture of bread sauce, turkey and gravy. To make sure we weren’t without bread sauce this December, my Dad and I were well prepared and bought four packs of the bread sauce mix..

On my plate was; turkey, bread sauce, roast potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, homemade stuffing (Dad’s recipe and the best!), pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce and gravy! It was delicious but as per usual, I was defeated by the plate in front of me and couldn’t finish it all. 

It seemed the perfect way to celebrate my Dad’s December birthday and has taught my not to overfill my plate on Christmas Day this year! 

Do you over indulge on food at Christmas? I certainly do! 


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