I was told, I mean instructed, that I had to wait for my sister Ellie to come home for the Christmas holidays. She is now home, so that means that it is tree time!


As much as I would love to have a real Christmas tree at home, with two kittens, a cat and a dog it simply isn’t possible (they nibble the fake tree so imagine having a real one..) To create the scent I love the most, I purchased for myself a Christmas tree scented candle which has a very realistic smell – I love it!

FullSizeRender (12).jpg
I said they were interested in the tree…

Tree purchased – a half price, 7ft tree that doesn’t look like a toilet brush from Wilko and we were ready to decorate (seriously, the tree cost £40 which is a complete bargain in my eyes for the size of the tree!)

We began to construct the tree with the assistance of the kittens and the cat and then had to move the tree – turns out, the tree takes up quite a bit of space…

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

The came the decorating! A string of lights, some coloured beads and then baubles and it was almost finished. Then was the time to add some candy cane and some crackers and the tree was complete-ish (there are a few personal decorations we have yet to dig out of our collection, so they still need to be added)

A few presents under the tree and the room instantly felt more Christmassy! I love decorating the tree. It definitely makes me feel more prepared for the season.



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