The Spirit of Christmas – A Review! (Day 12!)

The Spirit of Christmas – A Review! (Day 12!)

I spent my evening last night supporting a great group of kids and the wonderful people who help them to achieve the best that they can at Playrite theatre school! I felt wonderfully Christmassy after feeling like the Grinch for the first part of December and I thoroughly enjoyed the show!


I enjoyed a lovely meal at Hubbox and then headed to Redannick Theatre! I received a warm welcome, purchased some raffle tickets and claimed my mulled wine that was part of the price of the ticket – my first experience drinking mulled wine, and I have to say it is rather tasty!

The doors opened at 7:00pm to allow the audience in and I chose my seat. This was when I then spotted another ex-member of Playrite and called over to her – we seem to always sit together at the Playrite shows. The show began and I instantly began to feel festive.

Most songs I recognised and I loved the mixture of singing, dancing and acting throughout the evening. They are such a talented bunch and know how to work their audience. I especially enjoyed the panto segment of the evening. Clever script, great characterisation from each member and brilliant enthusiasm!


  • ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ joke section. Really witty and I found it quite funny.
  • ‘Letters to Santa’ It was so lovely to see the younger groups acting and reading out letters to Santa. It was very sweet and very funny.
  • ‘Bethlehem’ This is one of my favourite songs that I have had the pleasure of singing and I love hearing others sing it. The dynamics of the song were beautiful and it was a high impact song.
  • The Panto. Really funny and had all of the elements for a great panto even in such a short space of time.
  • ‘Sparklejollytwinklejingley’ All I can say about this is that Josh makes a great Buddy the Elf… also, such high energy even as the final number in the show.
  • I won three raffle prizes! – I did buy a few tickets but I didn’t expect to win three prizes! Thanks Tara for swapping the Tapas with the bottle of cider that she won. (I also discovered that the raffle ticket was stuck on with mic tape)

I was extremely proud of my friends and all of the kids in this show. They never fail to produce high quality entertainment with the assistance of Aaron, Nicky, Nicky and Mike! And as per usual, Simon Turner’s lighting was extremely professional.

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

I urge you all, if you ever get the chance to watch the talent of these children, you should definitely not miss that chance.


It’s crazy to think that we are just under two weeks away from Christmas! I really hope you are enjoying December so far!


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