Cosy Night In (Day 11!)

Cosy Night In (Day 11!)

I am all for a cosy night in. Now that I have no uni work to do, it means I can spend my evenings relaxing and feeling cosy – which is the best thing for this time of year!


Here is my guide to a cosy winter’s night in!

  1. Bath!

I love having baths, especially using Lush products, so the first thing I’ll do after getting home from whatever I have been doing is start running a bath when I need to relax.

I feel like this is ultimate relaxation with candles lit and watching either YouTube or Netflix whilst surrounded by bubbles!

2. Wrap up toasty and warm in pj’s and a big dressing gown!

Pick out your festive jim-jams and get warm. There is nothing worse than feeling cold after a bath, so prepare your cosy’s before your bath and you’re ready (I love my Elf pj’s)

I also put on some of the Lush Sleep body lotion, to add to making me ready to feel relaxed.

3. Festive Film/whatever you fancy watching!

Select your choice of entertainment and create a cosy nest in either your bed, or on your sofa or wherever you want to! – I’m not telling you exactly what to do and where you should be cosy, do what makes you cosy!

(I often like to have something on in the background of me reading a book because I don’t like reading in silence – I know it’s weird. Don’t judge pls)

4. Make your space as cosy as possible!

So, like I’ve already said, you need to make a cosy nest. I like to light candles and put on fairy lights because I love the smell of the candles and the natural light they give off. (I have quite the selection of festive candles this year and honestly, it smells so amazing!)

You might also want to get some snacks and a drink before you settle down and get comfortable – it’s up to you!

5. You are ready for cosy night in!


Obviously, everyone is different and may do things differently to me, but this is my ultimate comfort when I can feel and be cosy. I hate being cold and I get cold quite quickly, so this is well suited for me!


I hope you have enjoyed this post and will love a cosy night in this winter!

I’m so keen to see what people do to make themselves cosy for a cosy night in, so if you take any snaps, tag me on Instagram @frankiemillard



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