The Theatre Tag! (Day nine!)

The Theatre Tag! (Day nine!)

This isn’t a Christmas post, but it relates to my blog! This style of blogging gives me the opportunity to write different kinds of stuff and this is one thing I have been wanting to do for ages. So here it is, day nine and the theatre tag!


1. When did you start getting into theatre?

I’m not really sure. I have always loved music and watching theatre, but after watching RAOST’s production of Annie Get Your Gun, I knew that I wanted to be in big shows like the one that I had just witnessed.

2. How many shows have you been in?

Gosh. Well this is going to take some time to work out due to performing with several theatre companies.

Let me see, with TADS I was in 15. With Carnon Downs, 1 – The War of the Worlds and possibly the greatest show ever! Playrite, 5 – with the mixture of end of year shows and Christmas shows. And finally RAOST, 20 – 3 duplicates, but were performed in two different venues.

So altogether that makes, 41 shows in 11 years!

3. Favourite role played?

Bet. Definitely Bet. I had such a blast during this show and I felt privileged to have been given the opportunity for my character to shoot Bill Sykes. I was also directed by the extremely talented Trevor Hitchings and was proud to be have been a member of the cast in this epic production of Oliver.

I also have to add Bali Ha’i child because of how pale I am in real life and it was quite fun to pretend to feel tanned even though I was my usual Caspar the Friendly Ghost self.

4. A tip you always give to the new theatre kids

Just relax and have fun!

5. Biggest theatre pet peeves

  • Constant talking during rehearsal, especially when someone is trying to act – so rude.
  • People who talk loudly backstage/stand in the way backstage
  • When people touch or move your costumes

6. Biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses

  • Strengths – I can sing confidently and remember harmony quite easily.
  • Weaknesses – accents get me every time. I’m okay at an american accent, but I know it could be waaaaay better.

7. Who is your biggest inspiration in theatre?

For this one I’m going to write one personal and one famous.

  • Personal – Trevor Hitchings. He always aspired for excellence and wasn’t happy until everything was perfect and how he wanted it to be. He was also very fun to work with, even though he could be strict. I miss him lots.
  • Famous – Carrie Hope Fletcher. I just think she is remarkable! She can sing, she is so sweet and down-to-earth and for her age, is just amazing! I wish I could sing like her!

8. What’s your dream role?

  • Nancy – Oliver
  • Eponine – Les Miserables
  • Liesl – The Sound of Music

(I doubt that any of these could happen, but hey, that’s why they’re dream roles!)

9. Plays or Musicals?

Musicals purely because I am so likely to randomly burst into song in real life anyway. I also love to sing, so musicals are definitely more my thing. I do really love plays though.

10. What’s your favourite musical?

This. is. hard.

There are just too many to name just one favourite so here’s a list – I am sure I will miss some.

Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Dogfight, Elf the Musical, Bonnie and Clyde, Jekyll and Hyde, Wicked, Matilda, Hamilton and many, many, many more.

11. Most awkward onstage moment?

South Pacific at the Regal. Anyone who was in the show or around show week knows how embarrassing I was whilst being part of the stage crew.

Incident number one: Quick scene change, lights are up, I’m dressed in black. Bamboo. So much bamboo, was being flown up whilst I was walking onstage with a chair when the chair leg got caught in the bamboo. It was just going up and up and I could imagine myself being taken up with the chair. It caused hilarity for the cast and crew, whilst the audience watched my struggle to free this stupid chair.

Incident number two: Heavy part of set being taken on. Always be aware of things being flown in and out during scene changes and always be prepared to duck. I was smacked in the head by some set to which I had several people watch as I was almost knocked out. I am amazing at scene changes!*


Incident number three: Oh yes, three. The same part of the show as incident number two and I was attempting to get out-of-the-way. Part of the scenery involved a sloped staging set up, which was covered in painted sand. So naturally, as I moved out of the way I slide down this slope, and once again nearly catch myself in the bamboo.

Three incidents, one week of shows. I am better onstage performing.

12. Best offstage moment?

The Annie quick-change. I was playing a Boylan sister at the Minack Theatre as well as being a member of the orphan group. I had a minute from running offstage to running back on to change a complete outfit, change hair and take off make-up. I was successful every night and it was quite an exhilarating feeling. (There was one occasion when I didn’t make it on completely dressed, which was the dress rehearsal. No shoes and wet ground = wet socks…)


Well, there it is, the theatre tag!

I tag my fellow theatre kid, Alannah over at The Little Things blog to complete this tag!



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