Singing in Truro (Day eight!)

Singing in Truro (Day eight!)

Last night was the quickest singing event that I’ve ever taken part in from the arrival to the departure, but I did snap a couple of photos before we left! This is going to be a shorter post, but enjoy!


Late night shopping in Truro is the best example of showing how bad traffic can be in Cornwall. I currently have no car (it’s in the garage) so Dad and I got the bus into town. You’d think leaving an hour before the time in which we had to be there would leave enough time, especially thanks to the several bus lanes on the route to Truro, but when a bus doesn’t show until half an hour before singing time, I’m panicking.

This is why it was the quickest arrival – not because of the speed of the bus, but because we started singing as soon as we got to the singing point. A mixture of bad drivers (including one who decided to block the bus lane), horrendous traffic because of late night shopping and lots of people alighting the bus due to only one showing up within 3o minutes, we got there just after 5:15 – over an hour of waiting and travelling to the venue.

We sang to appreciative people – which is always lovely – in a cattle pen! I have to say, I’ve never had a singing experience quite like it!

Thanks to Laura Pearce for capturing the group picture of the choir.

We sang, and it was done! After, it was a quick look at some of the animals in the tent and then it was time to wait for the bus to go home! Another long-ish wait, but once one had arrived, it was a quick journey and it was good to be back home, out of the winter breeze.

It felt good to get into my pyjamas and to continue with what I had been doing all day – reading a book with Reign on Netflix in the background – very Christmassy I know.

I will be back tomorrow with The Theatre Tag!







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