Problems with being in a this time of year (Day seven!)

Problems with being in a this time of year (Day seven!)

Any people who are involved with anything music related this year knows how early Christmas music enters our worlds. I have been singing Christmas music since the beginning of September…this is the problem with being in a choir.blogmas

Christmas always feels sooner than it is when I’m singing Christmas songs once a week from September right up to Christmas Eve – it’s a very strange feeling. However, I love this time of year and singing with some of the loveliest people adds to that.

  1. Someone catches you humming a Christmas song and doesn’t understand why they can suddenly hear God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen to then look at you like you’ve gone mental.
  2. Bad Christmas jokes – this won’t be as bad now we have a different musical director – sorry Aaron, but your jokes suck 😉 to be honest, I’m going to miss hearing some of the worst jokes in Cornwall – but yeah, there have been some corkers.
  3. Dodgy Christmas jumpers – the invitation to wear a Christmas jumper at an event, may not be a good thing. I’ve seen some rather odd creations in my time.
  4. Not feeling festive – I feel like I don’t often feel festive when I’m supposed to be singing to creative cheer and joy for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I do often wonder whether my feelings towards this time of year would be different if I wasn’t part of a choir, but each year, I look forward to singing with a great bunch of people who also love to sing! So, for me, the best part about being in a choir at this time of year are the wonderful people I get to sing with!



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