Top Five Festive Films! (Day four!)

Top Five Festive Films! (Day four!)

There is nothing I love more than curling up on the sofa/in bed watching one of my favourite Christmas films when it’s bitterly cold outside. Of course, like most people, I have my go to list so here it is!


Number One:

The Snowman!

(I can’t actually find a trailer for this, so here is the sequence of Walking in the Air)

Without a doubt this is the one film that I will hate not watching at Christmas time. I love everything about this film, especially the song that is most famous from the film, Walking in the Air. I feel like this film should be introduced to every small child at Christmas because it is beautiful.

Number Two:


I watched this the morning of the 1st this December whilst decorating my room because the songs are incredibly catchy and makes me wish that my Nativity’s whilst at school were like this – without the risk of death and teachers getting the sack. The songs are great, the cast is great and so is the sequel. (I’ve yet to watch the third one as I’m not too sure about it. Maybe I’ll watch it this year!)

Number Three:


I have to be completely honest, I only really watched this film properly for the first time a couple of years ago – pls don’t shoot me. My dad and sister both despise this film but I think it’s adorably silly and is just hilarious. I also love the Elf the Musical soundtrack so if you haven’t heard that, you need to listen to it.

Number Four:

Home Alone

I have watched every film several times and I’m still not bored of them! They are a definite must watch over the winter period as they have become a winter classic! My favourite out of the of the series of films has to be the last one. The story is so sweet and the characters are great!

Number Five:

Meet Me In St Louis

I have always loved this film. It is one that I remember loving as a child and Judy Garland is wonderful in this film. It is another film where the music included within the film, has made it part of the reason why I love it so much.

(This is definitely a real classic and I recommend that you should watch this if you haven’t already)


Post four for ‘Blog’mas!

Hope you’re all having a lovely December so far, it can only get better!



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