Scrooge The Musical – A Review

Scrooge The Musical – A Review

Scrooge is a show that has a very special place in my heart. This was because I got to witness the incredible talent of the late Trevor Hitchings, as he played the leading role as well as directing the show. It will be remembered as one of the greatest shows I have had the pleasure to be part of, so I was excited to see that Helston Methodist Church Drama Group were putting on a production of this wonderful show.

It was a special treat for a lovely Saturday afternoon with the parents as we all have a love for the show. It was nice to see how busy it was for a matinee performance, as they can often be quiet, as people choose to have a night out rather than watch afternoon performances.*

I also love to see an open stage with no curtain restricting audience view. This meant that I got the chance to have a look at the stage and set, which also meant I got to see straight away that the band were going to be visible for the entire show. This is a direction that not many theatre companies take as they feel it can be distracting, but this wasn’t a distraction at all.

The show was really lovely and it was nice to have so many happy memories come flooding back from when RAOST did the show in 2009. It was also lovely to begin feeling festive even though it’s only November.

The cast was brilliant and Andy Christophers managed the tough task of playing the leading role of Scrooge really well. A wonderful performance from everyone, alongside the powerful music brought to us by a small band.

Highlights of the afternoon:

  • It was such a friendly and warm environment to walk into and the front of house team were very accommodating.
  • Seeing two friends in the band looking like they were enjoying themselves and my mum calling them a great double-act!
  • I WON A RAFFLE PRIZE! (I rarely win when I buy a raffle ticket, so I was happy)

Overall it was a great afternoon with the parents and I’m so pleased that we went to watch the show. It was definitely a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!


*There was a loved up young couple who were reminding each other how in love they were during the interval. A little girl was sat with the best facial expression on her face. It was something like this:


Bless her – her face was pretty hilarious though..


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