Jesus Christ Superstar – A Review!

Jesus Christ Superstar – A Review!

I went to see the Kidz R Us production Jesus Christ Superstar twice, once in August and once in September. And no, it’s not because I’m obsessed with the show, it was because the show was being performed in a theatre that was easy for me to get to in September – wow that was a long sentence. I was very interested in seeing how the show had changed from being performed in theatre that Kidz R Us call home and a theatre most of them would have never performed in before. WARNING: I am a bad blogger and appear to have taken barely any photos. I apologise.

Right, I’m going to divide this up into three sections. Here is what I thought first time round:

First time:

The date was August 23rd and I’d just had a nice meal at Hubbox with friends before we ventured up to the theatre. I had heard good things the show so I was excited. Having no curtain covering the stage meant there was time to have a good look at the set and its design. Something that Kidz R Us always do well is use the space they’ve got. The set design is wonderful and really suited to the theatre. The use of levels is admirable for this theatre company.

So artsy..don’t get too excited, this is the only photo I have..

The cast were brilliant with each member performing their characters well. Stand out performances would be from Ewan, Russel and Melissa who played Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene. Not easy parts to play, but done extremely well. I liked the choreography and direction within the style that had been chosen for this production of the well know Lloyd Webber hit.

And of course, my favourite part about this musical, the music. Led by Millie Millington, the small band that had been brought together to play for the show were just awesome. I love the JCS score, especially the guitar and drum parts so I was happy.

Overall I really enjoyed it the first time round.

Second time:

The date was September the 17th. I had sung at a wedding with the RAOST singers in the morning and had a free afternoon before the reception in the evening so I decided to watch the show again ridiculously last-minute – aka, I sped walked with a little bit of running to get the theatre in time. There I spotted two friends and we sat and watched the show together from the balcony in the Regal Theatre in Redruth.

I had been debating whether to go and watch it again and I’m glad I did. It didn’t get the audience it deserved whilst showing at this venue. It was nice to see what had changed to adapt to the limitations of the Regal as the Kidz R Us theatre in St Ives has hidden entrances around the stage where as the Regal is limited.

Once again I really enjoyed the show and was very impressed with what I saw. Unfortunately, the set didn’t have the same affect on me as it did in St Ives, but this was to be expected with the differences between the theatres. Each member of the cast did a wonderful job on a rather warm Saturday afternoon and should be very proud of themselves after such a long season of performing this show and maintaining the standard.

The music of course was just awesome once again – loved it!


I really enjoyed the show both of the times that I watched it. Watching it twice gave me a chance to see both of the Pilates as it was a role that was double cast. Both performances of this character were unique and it was nice that they weren’t the same.

The first Pilate I saw had a softness to the character, showing Pilates vulnerability and how reluctant he was to perform that task he had been given. The second Pilate was a lot harsher and used his higher register more. This contrast in characterisation made it really interesting and it was nice that I got to see both of them.

Like I’ve said before, I love the JCS score so the music for me was a main highlight of the experience. I am looking forward to seeing what Kidz R Us produce next as this was the second show of theirs that I have seen.


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