Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary – A Review!

Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary – A Review!

My aim in life is to see as many of the long-running musicals as possible, so when they are recorded to be released on DVD, it makes me very happy. It will never be the same as sitting in the theatre and watching the action as it happens, but in most cases, it’s the only opportunity that I’ll get to see certain shows.

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I went to see Miss Saigon at the cinema which was the screening of the recorded 25th anniversary which was being shown in cinemas across the UK. I have never seen the show live and before last night, I hadn’t actually heard all of the songs which meant that I wasn’t completely sure what happened in the story. I was blown away by how brilliant the entire cast was of this particular production and it’s safe to say, Cameron Mackintosh found his Kim with Eva Noblezada.

There is nothing more bizarre than sitting in the theatre section of a cinema watching a recording of a piece of theatre. The urge to applaud was there, but then when thinking about it during the five-minute interval, you may applaud but there is no one there to appreciate the fact that you are applauding as the show was recorded two years ago. To be able to show my appreciation to those involved in this case, the best option would be to take to social media to congratulate those people.

The only thing I could fault is the amount of different camera shots within a space of seconds on some occasions – it seemed like there was too much happening at once. Friends of mine who have seen the show said that there were parts that didn’t come across the same on-screen as they did onstage due to the way that the recording was put together. However, I can’t complain as I’ve never seen the show before and only have this experience to look back on when thinking about the show.

I also said last night that when I watch the DVD of the show, I will have to listen to it with the volume turned up. The cinema speakers did the orchestration justice with many goosebump moments coming from the orchestra that was used for this performance. The passion came across so well and I thoroughly enjoyed it – even though it’s one of the most depressing and upsetting shows that is out in the musical theatre world..

Seeing as this was a show that I was never really that interested in, I am glad that I went to see it at the cinema with a great group of friends!

Here is the trailer showing  the brilliant 25th anniversary cast:


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