Spamalot – A Review!

Spamalot – A Review!

I went to see Spamalot on the 29th of July with my friends Alannah and Gareth – a nice Friday night treat. The production was by Falmouth’s Youth Generation and was performed at the Poly in Falmouth. 

I had heard of Spamalot before going to see this production, but I hadn’t heard all of the songs and wasn’t too familiar with the script either – basically, I went in with a fresh mind. I watched Young Generation’s production of Les Miserables a few years ago, so I had good expectations before the show started.

The set was hidden when we went into the theatre so it left us with a surprise when the curtains opened. Opened by a small child narrating, the show had begun. The young narrator was witty and spoke well, introducing us to the action. The set was used well and was not too complicated, aiming the focus on the action. Props that were used were also well crafted to assist and not to take too much away from what the kids were doing.

Hearing how funny the show is being performed by an adult cast, I was intrigued to see how well it would work with children. Well, I can gladly say that the play worked very well being performed by children. In fact, I would say that there were some parts of the script that were made funnier by how children were saying some of the more adult lines in the show.


  • ‘The Song That Goes Like This’ – performed by Peter Saunders and Nathalie Lloyd-Cope. This is a song that I was familiar with so I knew how funny it could be before it even started. Peter and Nathalie didn’t disappoint. This was brilliant! Comedic timing was excellent and this was definitely an unforgettable moment in the show.
  • ‘His Name Is Lancelot’ – performed by Christopher Saunders and the ensemble. Again, this is a song that I was familiar with so I knew that it was going to be a great number. Again, I was not disappointed. Brilliant number, which was hilarious and and a worthy highlight. Christopher Saunders was great in his part!
  • BONE – featuring the Knights of the round table. Brilliant scene that included embarrassing an audience member! This was a great moment in the show so had to be included in my highlights.

I really enjoyed this production of Spamalot and can’t wait to see what this group is doing next!



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