Around The World In 6ish Musicals – A Review!

Around The World In 6ish Musicals – A Review!

Playrite Theatre School was founded by the late, great Trevor Hitchings. The school is now run by Aaron Barker, who is the musical director and works alongside the two Nicky’s – Barnes and Stevens – who are the choreographer’s for the school. Together they produce the end 0f year show. This year they had the assistance of Mike Meer as director with Aaron c0-directing.

The end of year show this year was a compilation of 5 different musicals which are set in different countries across the globe. These musicals were; A Chorus Line, Aladdin, Evita, Sweeney Todd and Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert. Each section was introduced with a short but detailed description of the show that was about to feature – very witty and a great touch to familiarise the story before the section began.

Being an ex-member of the school, I have several friends who are still part of Playrite. One of my highlights from the show was the Evita section. Two of my friends took leading parts in this section with Evita being played by Chloe Endean. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else playing this part and taking on this section. Her rendition of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina was absolutely beautiful and she looked so effortless singing one of the more familiar songs from the musical.

Another highlight was the Sweeney Todd section. Erin Potter played a great Mrs Lovett with Chandler Ravelli playing the sinister Sweeney. The score is extremely complicated and there wasn’t a moment where the students looked like they were struggling with the difficulty of the Sondheim score. This, along with Evita, was definitely one of my favourite sections.

This show had a great mixture with professional performance, sound and light. Simon Turner designed the lighting to perfection – as per usual – and each part of the design added to what was happening on stage.

This is the second time I’ve gone on my own to see something and I can honestly say, there is nothing wrong with it! The good thing about seeing the Playrite show is that there are always other audience members that I know, so I was never really on my own 😉

I had a lovely evening and even won a raffle prize so that was great!

The Show is Never Done Until Get Out

I assisted with the get out of the show, using my skills of recoiling cables that I have developed in the past 10 months in theatre land (I can never just be an audience member can I). It was lovely to see students of the school getting stuck in to make the get out experience as easy as it could be!

I just want to say another massive well done to everyone involved. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am proud of all of my friends who are involved in running of Playrite Theatre School!



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