South Pacific – The Week in a Nutshell!

South Pacific – The Week in a Nutshell!

I had quite the week at the performing at the Minack Theatre and staying in Porthcurno with my friends. It was an experience that will never be forgotten as it was a great week! My regret – not doing more with the free time that I had away from the theatre. 

I have already summed up the first three days in my last post so I won’t go into any more detail about those days – all I can say, it was hot, warm then rather chilly. If you’re intrigued about those three days I will put a link to the previous post below.


The Tuesday was the most eventful matinee day. I met with some of my friends for a spot of brunch in the cafe that is on the hill leading up to the theatre. Cream tea devoured, I was ready to go. It was so hot! A glorious day weather wise meant we had some fainter’s in the audience as well as several light-headed cast members! Let’s just say, plenty of water was consumed that afternoon. Thankfully the Thursday afternoon wasn’t so hot.

Two show days feel odd in an ordinary theatre, so a matinee in an outdoor theatre is just as confusing, if not more. You are performing a show that you are used to performing as the sun is going down in broad daylight and you can see about 90% of the audience for the entire show! A bit of food to re-energize ourselves before the evening performance and we’re ready to go!


It is quite surprising how different the heat can be at the Minack..

By the end of the week, most members of the cast were huddled up with blankets to attempt to regain some warmth as the sea breeze kicked in. The show must go on whether you’re overheating or you’re about to freeze, especially as the audience are also experiencing the temperature change.



Many people will be familiar with this lovely app that you can apply filters on your face changing your appearance. This also included face-swap..

We had a lot of fun with this app during the week and there were also moments where the face-swap had to be deleted as it was too horrifying!

The End of Another Show

I had a blast during the run of this show! Knowing that before we even got into the theatre that we were sold out for the whole run has to be one of the best feelings ever! Great weather, sold out for the week and spending quality time with my friends is the perfect recipe for great memories! I have also discovered this week that even though I am crazily pale, it is okay to embrace that part of me and that there are many descriptions of my pale legs such as they could light up a room like a Hogwarts candle (that has to be my favourite Helen Kemp).

I also want to say a massive thank you to my housemates for the week for putting up with me! Such a great bunch of people to live with and some great moments were had in that flat!

As my friend Alannah over on The Little Things blog said in her post about Minack week, laughter is healing! It felt so refreshing to have a week away from home with some of my favourite people! I need to make sure I make time to see all of my friends more often, as Alannah says in her post, we always say we won’t lose contact and we’ll see each other all the time, but in reality this doesn’t happen. Alannah also created a great video taking moments throughout the week, whether they were pictures or videos so you should really go and check that out!

So to all of my friends in the cast, here is to not losing contact and..


(A little inside joke for the week of the show. Another reason why I loved this mini holiday to Porthcurno!)

IMG_1749 – Alannah’s Minack post! – The first three days in more detail!


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