South Pacific..The Week So Far

South Pacific..The Week So Far

I wanted to write a little something about each day, but turns out that it’s crazy difficult to do that with very limited wifi and not much time at the house. As I appear to have a bit of time to sit and write, I thought I would give an overview of the week so far. I also really wanted to do some vlogging during show week, but with not much time and my forgetfulness, that has appeared to have gone out of the window too.

So, here goes:

Saturday 28th May:

Get in to the theatre day!

If you’ve never been to the Minack, all I shall tell you about the place is, there are a lot of steps..and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. This makes get in both tiring and quite difficult at times because even if you try to chain a load of people together to make no one have to do the journey up and down too many times, there are moments where a chain just won’t work.

We managed to get all of the stuff down the steps in quite good time which meant it was time to sort through everything. Once this was almost done, it was time to check in to our accommodations.

There are quite a few of us staying in our accommodation which means it’s a rather big place. The place is lush! Once we were all sorted, it was then time to head back to the theatre for a tech run.

The tech run at the Minack isn’t your normal tech run. It’s more a case of seeing whether everything that has been set fits and looks right on the stage. A long and rather warm evening, the day at the Minack was done.

Sunday 29th May:

Two dress rehearsals!

The first dress rehearsal is for the company, the second dress rehearsal has trustees of the theatre watching which is rather exciting. However, for the first dress rehearsal, the theatre was open to the public, which meant we had quite the audience watching us. This is something I have never really experienced at the Minack so it felt quite odd.

Both rehearsals went really well with members of the Minack team telling us how much they enjoyed the show when we saw them the next day. Then it was back to the accommodation where there was singing, laughter and fun! 3:30am bedtime.. my bed was most certainly needed.

Monday 30th May:


We had planned to do a bit of shopping before heading down to the beach for fun and games. We had a lovely trip into Penzance with plenty of singing in the car there, then a quick shop around Sainsbury’s and then back to the house.

A quick lunch eaten, it was beach time. We got down there later than everyone else, but it was so nice to be beside the sea!

Then it was back to the house for some food before show number one! A lovely stir fry in my belly thanks to Georgie, I was ready for opening night! It went well but was very chilly with many of the female members of the cast wrapping themselves in something to keep themselves warm before going on stage. Then it was back to the house for some Cards Against Humanity! 2:00am bedtime, I was gone straight away.

Let’s see what today brings!



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