Rehearsal Diary – ONE WEEK TO GO!

Rehearsal Diary – ONE WEEK TO GO!

Oh. My. Goodness. We get into the theatre tomorrow. This is bonkers! I can’t believe this is the last rehearsal diary for South Pacific! It’s been a short rehearsal period but a fun one. I’ve made some new friends, I’ve built up friendships I’ve already made aaand, I’ve had blast!

Here is how our final week of rehearsals went:

Sunday 22nd May:

First rehearsal with the Orchestra! I have written a post about this rehearsal but here is how it went in a nutshell.

For the first proper run through of the whole show, with both sets of children and props, it went well. With barely any stops, it felt a very successful rehearsal. There are sill some things to work on, but with two rehearsals to go, we will do it!

I also began the process of being tanned..

I am pretty much Snow White with blonde hair so it is a very weird and strange thing seeing me 100 times darker than normal. The genuis that is Helen Kemp is going to be my make up guru throughout show week and she began the first stages of building up my tan using the St Tropez tanning stuff. Let’s just say, when I walked downstairs, I got the weirdest looks..

This is just one thing I love about theatre, you do the strangest things to fit into a role.

All in all, a good rehearsal.

Monday 23rd May:

Another full run with both sets of children, props and some costumes! This gave us the opportunity to see what we were missing and what doesn’t look right.Turns out I’m still missing two costumes which has been quickly sorted. For the first run in costume personally I think it was a good rehearsal.

It felt good to have a costume on to try things that worked without costume but may not with. It was also successful dancing in the rehearsal room in my swimming costume and a pair of shorts. (Like some of the other girls in the show, I’m the sort of person who wears shorts and a t-shirt over the top of my swimming costume at the beach, so to have my shoulders out was weird – I got over it and the dance went swimmingly 😉 )

Next run in costume Wednesday! This will give us the final chance to perfect what needs perfecting in the rehearsal rooms before the weekend and get in!

Tan update – face looks like I’ve been on holiday as do arms. Legs however, look like I’ve found some sort of un-tanning method as they have not yet been touched by the tanning product!

Wednesday 25th May:

Final rehearsal in our rehearsal rooms. It’s now down to the Minack Theatre to perform to our sold out crowds!

Another run in costume, however, I’m still missing some stuff. It will be sorted shortly, but for this rehearsal, it went well in what I was wearing..

Another successful dance in my swimming costume so I think the costume is full-proof. I still can’t believe that we’ve had our last rehearsal in our rehearsal room and we are onto the next adventure in the South Pacific saga. I always love the last rehearsal in our rehearsal rooms a there is usually an element of fun within the last rehearsal. It definitely was a fun evening and I am so looking forward to putting what we have been doing in our rehearsals for the last few weeks, onto the Minack stage!

Tan update – needs a top up, but I am still darker than my usual Casper the friendly ghost look, so, SUCCESS!

I can’t wait for this week, it is going to be such a blast and it is even more exciting that we’re going into show week sold out for every performance!


This has been the last rehearsal diary for South Pacific. I will be keeping you all up to date during show week, so, until next time folks!


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