First Rehearsal With The Orchestra!

First Rehearsal With The Orchestra!

I have said this in a blog post before, but the first rehearsal with the band/orchestra that are playing for the run of the show, is my faaaavourite rehearsal! I love the first rehearsal in the theatre too because even though it’s a stressful time, it’s still quite fun. But the first rehearsal hearing the music for the first time in full swing is super excited for a theatre nerd such a myself. 

Sunday the 22nd of May. We have been rehearsing for the past five weeks-ish with just our musical director Alastair playing the piano. As talented as he is, nothing can beat the feeling of performing with the full force of an orchestra.

I feel like a small child at Christmas (I’m sure I’ve said this phrase before in a blog) when I hear a soundtrack with a strong orchestral score, so being able to be in a room with something that I love to listen to is just electric!

Another reason why I love this rehearsal is because I know it means the show is soon. We normally have our band/orchestra call the week before we get into the theatre, so since we get into the Minack on the 28th, it was finally time!

I am so excited to get into the theatre at the weekend as it one of my favourite places in the world and one of the best experiences to be involved with.

South Pacific runs at the Minack theatre from the 31st May – 3rd June.


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