Obsession with Musical Theatre..

Obsession with Musical Theatre..

I know I’m not the only person on the planet who is musical theatre mad, but, it is a definite obsession of mine. There is nothing I love more than sitting at home listening to my favourite soundtrack of the week or month. It regularly changes and I can never pin point a specific favourite as I love too many!

Recently I’ve been exploring the newer shows that are out there. I like the traditional musical, but some of the modern musicals are genius! Something with a strong orchestral score is something I could listen to all day long!

One thing that I’m absolutely loving at the moment with being not just a musical theatre nerd, but also being a Disney nerd too, is that fact more Disney films are being talked about being turned into musicals or there are revivals in the pipeline for some that already are musicals.

One Disney movie turned musical that I am loving right now is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is such a brilliant collaboration between Stephen Swartz (most famously known for Wicked!) and Alan Menken (most famously known for all things Disney and music). I have spoken about some of my favourite elements of this particular musical in the podcast below.


Hope you enjoyed this shorter post! x


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