Rehearsal Diary – TWO WEEKS TO GO!

Rehearsal Diary – TWO WEEKS TO GO!

I can’t believe we are just over a week until opening night at The Minack Theatre! The last couple of months have gone by ridiculously quickly and it’s just getting more and more exciting! This week with two weeks to go until opening night, we had three rehearsals.

Here is how this week has gone:

Sunday 15th May:

A morning rehearsal starting at 10:30am on a sunny day. The schedule for this rehearsal was to run the second act of the show and to sort through costumes to make sure we knew what we needed and knew what we were missing.

The second act of the show is quite an easy one for me as I am only required at the beginning and at the end. It feels good to be able to see where everything slots into place, and to have the opportunity to see what other members of the company have been up to whilst setting the scenes you are not involved with.

For the first run through of an entire act, it seemed to go well!

Then it was on to the costume call. I am a new member of the South Pacific cast so I had no costumes and no idea of what I needed where and when. It is a nice feeling when everything gets sorted.

A successful morning rehearsal, so three of us from the cast went to the beach to soak up the Cornish sunshine. A lovely Sunday!


Monday 16th May:

The plan for the evening was to run the first act of the show. This act is a lot more complicated which was discovered when putting it all together. 7:30pm start, with a 10:10pm (ish) finish. It was a good rehearsal and we could see where the polishing was needed.

For the first run through of a rather complicated first half, I think it went well! I love seeing everything come together which is why I love this stage of the rehearsal process.


Wednesday 18th May:

8:30pm start for this rehearsal. This meant I had choir from 7:00pm until 8:30pm and then went into a rehearsal. It felt rather odd to get out of one mindset and put myself into show rehearsal mode.

Act 2 was on the schedule again. Feeling a lot more confident with this half of the show now. I seriously cannot wait to get down to The Minack and show this production of South Pacific to our audiences!
We are on track for a brilliant show and I am so excited! I may be in the rehearsal rooms a lot at the moment, but I am having a blast!

I will be back next week with the last update! This time next week, the van will be loaded, and we will be ready for our adventure to The Minack Theatre!

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