Rehearsal Diary – THREE WEEKS TO GO!

Rehearsal Diary – THREE WEEKS TO GO!

With three weeks to go until our Minack Theatre adventure, rehearsals are productive and still as fun as they have always been. This is what I love about our company. We always seem to have lots of fun with the ability to still be productive within our rehearsals.

Here is how it has gone this week:

Sunday 8th May:

An afternoon rehearsal on a sunny day, working on the final part of the show and going over other parts of the show to make sure they have been cemented into our heads. The heat was rising through our rehearsal room but we carried on going through successfully. It’s nice to see different parts of the show fitting together nicely! There was also a nice addition to one part of the show, but you’re going to have to come and watch because I’m not giving anything away! 😉

We went through some of the dances again and finished some parts too. This is something I find so important as I know I get better through practice. I’m not that good at remembering dance steps I’ve only done once or twice, so repetition is key for me.

It was a great rehearsal which achieved a lot, so once again, I was happy.


Monday 9th May: 

Not needed until 8:30pm, it was a later rehearsal for us girls. More setting and polishing. I am definitely feeling a lot more confident with where I am going when, and what I am doing in the dance sections. These past two rehearsals have taught me that I still need to dedicate time to looking at the words for songs as there are still parts where I’m tripping up on the words, causing me to lose concentration on the dance moves.

Since last week’s rehearsals, I am feeling a lot more confident with some things but I still need to review some parts to make sure I understand 100% of what I’m doing. As the show is so near now, I am also very excited for being able to spend the whole week down at The Minack Theatre with my friends, documenting the entire time! I am having so much fun during rehearsals, so I know the show week will be amazing!

I will be back next week with another update!

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