The Minack Theatre Experience

The Minack Theatre Experience

I am so excited for the next few weeks as I am nearly finished with my first year of University plus, in four weeks time, I will be taking part in South Pacific at the Minack Theatre with RAOST. This will be the fourth production that I will have done at this theatre, and I can’t wait to have the ‘Minack Theatre Experience’ once again!

The Minack Theatre experience is quite a rare one. It is one of the most famous theatre’s in the world with visitors from all over making their way to see the theatre through their own eyes. It is quite remarkable on the day that we get in to the theatre when we see the range of people who have travelled to Cornwall to see the infamous theatre built by Rowena Cade in 1932.


As it is an outdoor theatre, there is no roof. Come rain or shine, a performance will go on. Unless..

Weather can be extremely unpredictable so for an outdoor theatre, there has to be a certain point where the weather means there is a danger to the audience, the theatre company and the staff. If the weather is crazily extreme ie. bucketing it down with rain, hailing and the wind is howling, the performance will be stopped/cancelled. This means that even when it is raining, the performance will go on. For the actors, you just have to deal with it. When it does rain during a performance, it doesn’t mean the actors aren’t giving it the same as they would in the brilliant sunshine. Trust me, they perform in the same way, trying to forget the obstacle that is the Cornish weather!

I can honestly say that the Minack Theatre is one of my favourite places to visit and it is a truly wonderful experience to be part of the entertainment for tourists and theatre-goers. I feel very lucky that I have had the opportunities to perform at this venue and will hopefully continue to have them in the future.

I can’t wait to get down there with my friends who are part of the company for South Pacific!


South Pacific runs from the May 30th – June 3rd (only four weeks to go! aaaaaaah)

A link to the theatre website:


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