Our House – A Review

Our House – A Review

Our House follows the story of Joe Casey with some saying that the influences for the musical are from Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers and the film starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Sliding Doors. The musical features music from the group Madness including popular hits such as ‘It Must Be Love’ and the title song ‘Our House’. The show opened on the West End in 2003 and after a 10 month run in the Cambridge Theatre, closed in 2003. Since, the show has toured and been a hit all over the UK.

The plot follows Joe Casey as a decision he made on the night of his 16th birthday, could change his life forever. The story cleverly weaves its way in and out of each reality as it shows the two different paths that Joe could go down. The whole show is watched over by Joe’s deceased father, who keeps the story together to assist the audience.

I saw Helston Theatre Company’s performance of Our House on Friday the 8th of April. Filled with anticipation as I had heard many good things about the show, I was looking forward to getting the chance to watch the production. Straight away, the stage was filled with buzz and excitement as the cast performed ‘Our House’. Through this number, the characteristics of some of the characters began to appear.

Starting with Nathan Hooper as Joe Casey. Swift, sleek and brilliant! The poor lad barely had a chance to breathe between quick changes as his character changed from good to bad then bad to good and so on. With extremely impressive costume changes, including one on-stage, I applaud Nathan as he was fantastic! (And also a special mention to his dresser for the show, Zena Clemens-Tressider. You are awesome!)

Bethany Lyne played Sarah, Joe’s girlfriend along with Sarah Keitch and Lauren Flynn as Sarah’s two best mates, Angie and Billie. Beautiful voice for her solo and great chemistry with Sarah and Lauren. Sarah and Lauren had a great sense of comedic timing and had me giggling for most of the show. And playing Joe’s best mates were Michael Blundell as Emmo, and Robert Mitchell as Lewis. Hilarious. Again, great sense of comedic timing and are included in some of the funniest moments during the show!

Kit Andrews played a perfect villain as the part of Reecey, with a highlight being the performance of the song ‘Baggy Trousers’. Along with the ensemble, this number was full of life and fun, especially as they were wheeling around the desks! The ensemble cast was superb, with everyone looking like they were enjoying themselves and so much energy.

This company put on an enjoyable show to an appreciative audience. Congratulations to Ben Blaber (director and set designer), Anita O’Hara (choreography and musical staging) and Luke Mills (musical director). Was a wonderful production. Looking forward to seeing what Helston Theatre Company produce next!


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