Legally Blonde – The Aftermath

Legally Blonde – The Aftermath

It has taken me a couple of days to think about how I can sum up this past week. It has also taken this time for me to not feel exhausted – was a fun but tiring show week!

After a busy weekend getting into the theatre, opening night had arrived.

get in crew.jpg

Opening night! (15/03/16)

Opening night always has a buzz around it and this particular night was no exception. After missing most of the second half during the dress rehearsal due to being fake tanned for the show, I was excited to perform the whole show, in costume, with accurate quick change time. Everything went according to plan with the quick changes and performing to an appreciative audience. It was a good opening night.


Second show! (16/03/16)

The second show often doesn’t run as smoothly as opening night, but with family and friends watching me, I gave it everything I had.

chip on my shoulder with audience comment

Third show! (17/03/16)

I. Loved. It.

I had friends in the audience that I hadn’t seen for over 9 months so I was excited for them to see the show that I had been so busy with. Everything seemed to fit into place during this show and the final applause from our audience matched the reaction from the audience on the West End Legally Blonde – The Musical soundtrack, when the Elle Woods, Sheridan Smith, took her bow.

It was electric! And I loved seeing my friends afterwards!

delta nu dressing room

Fourth show! (18/03/16)

Unfortunately, our wonderful director Helen was poorly so she missed watching this particular performance. Alas, the show must go on and we certainly did her proud. The audience was as responsive as the night before with the added extra of some booing when Elle’s nemesis kissed Warner, the man she went to Harvard to win back. It was a great show night and I actually stayed for a drink after the show!

The final two shows! (19/03/16)

I got up, had a good breakfast and watched Hercules (1997 Disney film), which was a great way to start the day. Then I headed to the theatre to get ready for our afternoon performance. It went well.

Chinese food in my belly, I was ready for the final performance!

tea time

What a night!

It was the perfect way to end a perfect week. The show ended to a deafening audience reaction which was absolutely bonkers! There were tears but of the happy kind. It just shows how much of an impact this show had for all of us.

But it wasn’t all over.


I was asked to assist the sound team during the get out. I love the technical side of theatre so it was nice to be asked to help. With lots of laughter, the get out was done. The theatre was once again empty. The stage once again bare.

Legally Blonde – The Musical will always have great memories that I can look back on and cherish forever.
me with the doggies


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