My 10 Years With RAOST

My 10 Years With RAOST

2006 – I Joined RAOST’s Youth Choir

I remember walking into the rehearsal rooms for Redruth Amateur Operatic Society Trust feeling extremely anxious. I had seen RAOST’s production of ‘The Scarlett Pimpernel’ earlier in the year, and whilst looking through the programme I came across an advert for the Youth Choir. As soon as we started singing, I knew that I was going to enjoy being part of the group.

2007 – Busy with the choir but also preparing for my first big show on a big stage. We started rehearsals for ‘Song & Dance’ later in the year. One fact about this show is that I originated in one of the ‘teams’ of children, but after the auditions for the featured child solos, I got moved into the other team.

I have included a rather embarrassing video of me singing aged 10.


2008 – The production was ‘Carousel’ and was being performed at The Hall for Cornwall. I was very excited to have been chosen to be part of the ‘Snow Family’ which featured in the second half of the show. This was my first show that I’d been a part of that was directed by the late, great Trevor Hitchings. I was in awe immediately and loved watching him direct.

2009 – This was an extremely busy year as it marked the society’s 100th anniversary. I was involved with three shows with this group in this year. These were;

100 Stars for 100 Years – I was part of the younger group of children and got to perform ‘Where is Love’ from Oliver.

The Music Man – This was the first time I performed at the Minack Theatre which was very exciting for a 12 year old. In this show, I had the role of Amaryllis, who was a piano student of the leading lady Marion.

Scrooge – The second show I was involved in that Trevor Hitchings directed. In this, I had the role of Belinda Cratchit, the daughter of Scrooge’s employee Bob Cratchit. This was the only time I got to witness Trevor acting and performing as he played the title role for the second time in the society’s history.

2010 – ‘Oliver!’ Probably one of the best shows I have ever done. I had so much fun playing Nancy’s best friend ‘Bet’ in this show. It was also another opportunity for me to work with Trevor Hitchings.

me and helen oliver 2009
Helen as Nancy and me as Bet

2011 – ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

This show was being performed at two venues – The Hall For Cornwall in March and The Minack Theatre in September.

The Hall For Cornwall production had Trevor as director and Alistair Taylor as the Musical Director. This was then changed for the Minack Theatre production.

fiddler on the roof
Layla, Chloe, Kirsty and myself

During this year, the choir had a change of musical directorship. The role was taken over by Aaron Barker in September. At this point I had been in the youth choir for 5 years!

2012 – ‘Sound of Musicals’

Another show that was being taken to two venues – The Hall For Cornwall and the Guildhall in Penzance.

In this show I was part of many of the numbers, and I had a lot of fun being involved with the adult company more.

sound of musicals
Some of the cast in Penzance

2013 – 

‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’

I wasn’t in this production but I was backstage busying myself as part of the stage crew.

Then there was ‘Annie’. I was the eldest orphan in the show and was made understudy for the 3 eldest orphans – not including Annie herself.

Well. I didn’t think I would ever have to understudy so when my chance came, I was nervous and anxiously preparing myself for the show where I would have to play July.

This was also the year that I joined the RAOST adult choir.

The Adult Choir after their win in Camborne Music Festival

2014 – It was time for ‘Encore!’ which was a celebration of RAOST which was put together by two long-running members of the society. This show gave me the chance to reminisce about previous shows which was a lovely thing to be able to do.

Then it was time for ‘Annie’ take two. This time at the Minack.  I also got to play a different role this time round.

As well as being one of the orphans, I got to play one of the Boylan sisters.

At the end of 2014, RAOST produced Sister Act the Musical. I wasn’t in this show, but I got the pleasure of watching the show every night as I was on follow spot for the show.

2015 –  This was the year that I got more involved with the tech side.

‘Wizard of Oz’ – this was a production by the Youth group RAOSTy’s. In this production I was in charge of props and putting microphones on the children.

‘South Pacific’ – I was sound 2 which was a very different experience than what I had been used to. I was also part of the stage crew where at some points I would get myself caught in the set, giving the company lots of entertainment during the show..

‘Brassed Off’ – I once again took the role of sound 2 for this show. This was also the first show in which my Dad had a serious role on-stage rather than off. I was a very proud daughter.

So what’s ahead for 2016?

Well, we are only weeks away from the latest production which is Legally Blonde – The Musical. I am having so much fun being part of the cast for this show. The music is amazing, and the cast is full of some extremely talented people. We are a very lucky company.

legally blonde banner.jpg

Then, it’s back to the Minack!

South Pacific is heading down to the Minack Theatre from the 30th May – 3rd June 2016!

How many productions?!

Well, including the duplicated shows, Legally Blonde will be my 19th production with RAOST since joining 10 years ago!


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